What Our Clients Had To Say

Residential Bathroom

Jb Plumbing renovated 2 bathrooms in our house. The basement bathroom needed to be gutted. They had to fix and reposition the groundworks, or in layman terms redid all the underground piping! They had to work in a VERY small space for that piping, but it went smoothly. The half bath design they recommended looks tremendous.The upstairs bathroom was an easier project, but we still wanted the reliability offered by Jb plumbing. They replaced the toilet and vanity, quickly and this gave a nice face lift to our home. Jb plumbing are skilled plumbers who work hard!

Residential Dual Hot water tank replacement

JB plumbing responded quickly to our call. We have a dual hot water tank set up  in which one hot water tank ruptured and was leaking. We were given a quote by another company to replace the 2 tanks with low quality tanks. When we contacted Jb plumbing, they recommended the advantage of purchasing higher quality tanks, so they would last longer and have better warranty. Jb came out the same day to replace the tanks, compared to the other company who wasn’t able to make it for 3 days. For a minimal difference in price, we were able to get higher quality tanks.